New Year’s Day Fun

There are dozens of lists out there telling us how to start a new year healthy or in style… there’s a list for virtually anything. So instead of putting you through yet another laundry list of ways to make your life better this new year, here are a couple of suggestions to a fresh start based on your usual self. We’ll skip through the fluff and cut to the chase.

For the Workaholic

Get a breath of fresh air. Have you seen what it looks like outside on a weekday lately? Probably not. You’re likely to be buried in your work til sunset (or sometimes way past it) the rest of the year, so why not? Kick off your pumps and go outside, have a cocktail, do something FUN! Take it all in because you’ve got 364 very productive days ahead of you!

For the Creative Souls

Why not share your artistic side with friends? Head to a painting class and make an afternoon out of it! Maybe you’ve been there, done that. How about sculpting? A dance class? Make it interesting.

For the Late Birds

Guilty as charged. We’re the ones that are known for being fashionably late to, well, everything. Take today to throw the gruesome schedule out the window and be your spontaneous self! Get it out of your system and staring tomorrow, plan to get to places 15 minutes early. You’ll be surprised how much more relaxed you’ll be when you’re not racing the clock!

For the Ones Back Home

The holidays are fun when you’re back home but sometimes they tend to get dramatic and stressful. What’s the point of getting together when everyone is annoyed at each other? Forget about the drama, just spend some family quality time! It’ll get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! And more importantly, with a spring in your step at the start of 2015!


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