Finding Your Power of Broke

I tried out Audible to see if this old-fashioned paperback girl could adapt to audiobooks. They're so available and the efficiency of driving and "reading" sounded great so I tested it and loved it! I just finished Daymond John's The Power of Broke – it was great!


5 Ways to get out of the Entrepreneur Funk

While working for yourself has plenty of perks, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine. It takes a lot of discipline and it can get exhausting! Those pesky seeds of doubt and dissatisfaction start eating at the pep in your step and before you know it, you’re in a funk, dragging your feet and wanting to avoid work at all costs. This is how you can get out of the funk and avoid it next time!

New Year’s Day Fun

There are dozens of lists out there telling us how to start a new year healthy or in style... there's a list for virtually anything. So instead of putting you through yet another laundry list of ways to make your life better this new year, here are a couple of suggestions to a fresh start... Continue Reading →

The Eternal Optimist

Everybody has that friend, the eternal optimist. No matter what goes wrong, she remains calm and focuses on the something good that may miraculously happen. Sure enough, sometimes it does and she says, "told you"! You roll your eyes but deep inside you know you couldn't have done it without her.

The Anti-News

Watching the news is surely important to keep up with current events. But sometimes I avoid watching them just because it's all so negative. I mean sure, 5 people died here, some guy robbed a bank there, weather, sports, the usual. It's all true. But how often do you hear about good things that have... Continue Reading →

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