How to Eat Right and Save Time

What's the secret to eating right and saving time? Meal planning! Here's why...


How to Make Chicken Pot Pie

Happy Wednesday, readers! Before we start, let's remember I am not a chef, just a girl that needs [and likes] to eat in a fast paced world! All my recipes can be made in under an hour, which are perfect for weeknight meals. I originally imagined a majestic Chicken Pot Pie but then realized it... Continue Reading →

Tech Tuesday: Shipt App

In my quest to accomplish real work/life balance and staying true to my Millenial self, I naturally look to apps for support. After noticing that every Sunday, I spent the afternoon grocery shopping to then realize that I bought a bunch of junk food (frozen pizza was on sale, how could I say no?) and usually... Continue Reading →

Ranch Chicken Dinner Experiment

There's only so many ways you can make chicken before you're fed up. I was running out of ideas so I skimmed through Pinterest (ok, so maybe "skimmed" is being lightly used here, I was glued for easily an hour) to see what kind of recipes I could find that didn't call for 50 ingredients that... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Day Fun

There are dozens of lists out there telling us how to start a new year healthy or in style... there's a list for virtually anything. So instead of putting you through yet another laundry list of ways to make your life better this new year, here are a couple of suggestions to a fresh start... Continue Reading →

The Eternal Optimist

Everybody has that friend, the eternal optimist. No matter what goes wrong, she remains calm and focuses on the something good that may miraculously happen. Sure enough, sometimes it does and she says, "told you"! You roll your eyes but deep inside you know you couldn't have done it without her.

The Anti-News

Watching the news is surely important to keep up with current events. But sometimes I avoid watching them just because it's all so negative. I mean sure, 5 people died here, some guy robbed a bank there, weather, sports, the usual. It's all true. But how often do you hear about good things that have... Continue Reading →

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