Taking a crack at Whole30 for a Healthier Lifestyle

Too busy. No time to eat. Snack. Work. Snack. Work… That’s the hamster wheel.


It’s time to make a change.

I came across Whole30, a 30-day challenge that helps cleanse your body from all the things we shouldn’t be eating in the first place. It’s supposed to make you feel energized, lose weight and start a healthier lifestyle. Sure, that’s what all diets say. I never try them because I don’t think it’s feasible for me to never have another piece of chocolate but this one looks like it’ll be worth the effort.

Today is Day 2.
I thought I’d share my initial thoughts and then share the recap after the (hopefully) successful 30 days.

  • No grains – Not that big of a deal because I have potatoes to rely on.
  • No preservatives – That was easy.
  • No dairy (except eggs) – I love cheese. So far, I don’t miss it but I know I will soon.
  • No added sugar – This has been the hardest. Black coffee is definitely an acquired taste. Chocolate and chocolate chip cookies are my weakness. I’ve already had to fight the cravings.

I went out to eat yesterday and it was easy to order, much better than I thought! Overall, I’m still pretty committed and hopeful things will get easier.

Considering joining me? Check out the grocery list!


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