3 Tips on Networking Successfully 

Networking events are what you make of them (for the most part).  I recently attended one that had all kinds of professionals from different walks of life. There are a couple of notes I thought would be useful nuggets of knowledge you could use the your next time you get out there.

1. Wear Pants

Or you could wear a dress/skirt with pockets. The reason I say this is because with pockets you bypass the awkward fumbling through the purse to reach your business cards. You can also strategically store your business cards in one pocket while collecting the new ones in the other. That way, you avoid mistakenly giving out somebody else’s card.

2. Stay Focused

Some go to these events to make connections and others go to socialize. It takes some socializing to make the connections but don’t lollygag with the same people all night unless it’s absolutely worth it. Find a smooth way to get out of those situations like going to refresh your drink.

3. Get your Elevator Pitch Ready

This is not the setting for you to ramble on and on about yourself. Say enough to get others interested and wanting to learn more. By listening more than you speak, you’ll be able to create important parallels to that make your words more impactful. It’s not about quantity, it’s quality that will make others remember you. Plus, when you follow up, your message will have more substance than your typical “great to meet you”.

Bonus Tidbit: 

Timing is so important. Add the person you email on LinkedIn before you send the email. That way, your name is fresh in their minds and they’re able to put a face to the name.

giphy (1)

What networking tricks do you use? Share below!


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