3 Tips for Painless Networking

You’ve spent all day at the office getting things done and five o’clock rolls around. Do you really want to go schmooze? Probably not. While some look forward to happy hour networking event, to others it’s a drag. Here are some tips to keep in mind that’ll get you in and out!

1. Do your homework 

Odds are you RSVP’d on a platform that will share the guest list. Scope it out before you head over. Identify whom you want to meet and take some mental notes. That way, when you arrive, you’r on a mission to find these people. Once you do, your work is done!

2. Watch what you drink 

A glass of wine is great. Why? Simple; when you switch hands, your drink won’t spill. It’s also light enough to avoid blabbering. You’ll notice that after the first hour, the actual business part of networking events is pretty much over. Try to arrive early.

giphy (5).gif

3. Follow up 

Make sure to send a follow up email to solidify the connections. Reference where you met and a memorable part of the conversation, it’ll help engrave you in their mind and it’ll keep you easily accessible. A quick search in the inbox and there you are!

giphy (7).gif

Bonus tip: Before you toss the cards, input their info in an email delivery service like MailChimp. that’ll keep your contacts organized and readily available!

Now you’re ready, get out and make some connections!




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