Hillary, Trump & the Real MVP: A Marketer’s Take on Political Campaigns

This is a blog post I wrote during the 2016 Presidential Election and didn’t publish. A marketer’s take on political campaigns.

While political views are very personal, those who express them freely are subject to criticism and risk their overall image for these mostly social issues. The good news is younger people are taking interest in political issues and voting. The bad news is that many are voting for who’s “cool”, they have no idea what the candidates truly stand for and turn to social media for fake news.


People are speaking their minds (great) but more often than not, they’re talking about who not to vote for (not-so-great). It’s absolutely annoying. Talk about how great the candidate your supporting is, don’t flood my Facebook feed with your rants.

It’s inevitable to have emotion influence America’s views, especially when it’s fueled by millions on social media. Whether it’s Trump’s outrageous comments or Hillary’s rah-rah feminist principles, they both focus on making you feel. They’ll make you feel angry, they’ll make you feel overjoyed, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re making you feel something. While that’s all happening, the actual issues and platform slip under the radar, which leads me to my point.

Political campaigns are about branding and publicity. From logo development (and scandals pertaining to them) to the overall tagline, the people that are really at battle are the communication teams. Who is going to develop a better strategy? Who will tap into a new target market? Who has the best publicist? Once you see that, it’s hard to see past it and you’ll realize that no matter who wins, the real MVP are the comm teams!

Any other communicators out there? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


UPDATE: Trump’s campaign won and he’s still tweeting uncontrollably. People are still turning to social media to express their opposing views.

I ask to please keep your political views out of the thread. The purpose is to discuss Communication/Marketing in the political realm. 


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