Tech Tuesday: Shipt App


In my quest to accomplish real work/life balance and staying true to my Millenial self, I naturally look to apps for support. After noticing that every Sunday, I spent the afternoon grocery shopping to then realize that I bought a bunch of junk food (frozen pizza was on sale, how could I say no?) and usually forgot key ingredients for my real meals. By the time, I was done with the shopping the cooking and serving for the week, it was usually 10PM. There goes Sunday! When Saturdays are filled with weddings, bridal/baby showers, and other family functions, Sundays are precious. I was fed up and a girl’s gotta eat so I figured I’d try Shipt.


You pay a monthly fee (like Netflix it’s no big deal) and download the app where you’re able to digitally shop from your local grocery store and schedule a delivery to your doorstep. Here’s what sold me: free delivery on order $35+! So how can they know exactly what you want? You can add notes to every item in your shopping cart and the Shipt shoppers send you a text when they’re at the store. This is what it looks like:


When things aren’t in stock, the shoppers tell you and you’re not charged until they check out at the store. The downside is that items have about a 20% up-charge but it’s definitely worth it. Know why? Because you can stand in front of your fridge and pantry and add things you actually need! Yes, you’re paying a little more for things but you’re adding less things to your cart so it works out. 

They market the app to moms but you don’t need to have kids to be super busy. Ain’t no shame in using your resources! Check it out!


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