The Anti-News

Watching the news is surely important to keep up with current events. But sometimes I avoid watching them just because it’s all so negative. I mean sure, 5 people died here, some guy robbed a bank there, weather, sports, the usual. It’s all true. But how often do you hear about good things that have happened to people? It makes me think about what is considered newsworthy. Is someone doing a good deed, featuring a charity, a success story not worth talking about? It may not be as entertaining as watching the Kardashians or whatever other mindless reality TV show but guess what, good things do happen to people like you and me! It’s a concrete jungle out there but it’s not all bad. People need to be reminded of that.

I propose a show dedicated to remarkable things that have happened throughout the week. It’ll give people hope, give them a dose of optimism and maybe even some motivation to finish their projects or pursue their dreams. Who’s in?


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